Aquahort Limited was formed in 1985 to care for the special needs of the fishing and Aquaculture industries.

The company was formed by John Seccombe (Director of Aquahort Ltd). John attended a farming school, and then went farming for six years. It was during this time that John learnt that hard work, dependable quality machinery and tools, coupled with sound knowledge and experience, are the backbone of today's successful Primary Industries.

John then moved on to the Welding Industry. He traveled overseas to work with a major USA construction company as a welding supervisor and qualified as a welding inspector.

It was during this time that John saw an opportunity to become involved in fish farming (Aquaculture). He visited many Fish farm projects overseas and spent time studying water filtration and the science of Aquaculture. He thus acquired a wealth of knowledge on the subject.

Live seafood expertise was gained from working with a Japanese Fishing Company, from 1989 to 1993.

Aquahort has since Jan 98 been actively engaged in a Live Fin Fish project delivering from Fishing Companies into the chinese restaurants. Aquahort Ltd is also the exclusive agent for the K-SEAS Live Fish Transport Systems as used to fly live fish internationally out of Australia into China. This should open many doors for the Fishing Companies and the Aquaria Industry.

Over the course of the following years, and in response to the requirements of many clients, Aquahort Ltd developed several specialised products. One of these in particular, the Heatpump, Heat 'N' Chill unit, is built exclusively for Aquahort Ltd

Aquahort Ltd consults to the Industry and sells the full range of equipment that it has either developed for, or introduced to, it's clients. These include Water Test Kits, Bacteria, Heat Pump Chiller Units, Heat Exchangers, Water Pumps, special PVC fittings, Alarm Systems and Filter Material.

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