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Compact Salinity Refractometer for measuring the strength/salinity of seawater. Non - contact surface temperature spot check, complete with belt / wall holder and waterproof (IP67) case.

Heatpump "Air to Water"
Sizes from 1.5HP to 33HP

Heatpumps Controls showing alarm bypass and warning lights.
(Note:Model shown is full spec unit with all option


Heatpump "Water to Water"
Sizes from 2.25hp to 25hp

"Water to Water" Heatpump Controls, hour run meter, gas pressure gadges, warning lights.

Old technology compressor
and plate heatexchanger next to 1990 Aquahort Heatpump.

1999 Heatpump typically installed on experimental Abalone Ongrow Facility.

R&O Lobster Export Facility.
Western Australia. Showing
Waterpump pipe work to
heatpump installation.

Debret Seafoods, Queensland Australia. Live Crab Export Facility, showing two systems.

1993 Heatpumps (2.25Hp) installed above each other using heavy duty steel shelving supports.

A typical 6.5hp Heatpump unit shown with remote controls

Western Australia Live Lobster truck transport system, using automated chilled spray.

Aquahort Water Flow Switch designed for highly corrosive fluids, eg seawater.

Aquahort Venturi Aeration in
lobster holding tanks.

Aquahort designed Venturi Protein Skimmer (Foam Fractionator.)

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