Fish Bin

The latest innovation in live seafood transportation means that your fish will arrive at their destination healthier and at less cost to you. A system designed with an aeration unit which allows you to transport up to 230kg of live seafood anywhere around the world.

Finally a method is available that gives you:

  • Low mortality in transported seafood
  • Fish transported in a totally natural enviroment
  • 230kg of live seafood can be loaded easily and quickly
  • Enviromentally friendly
  • Fish arrive at their destination in peak condition


  • 30 hour running time
  • Non Dangerous Good Certification
  • Self contained Power supply, Water proof, Tamper proof, Self monitoring control unit
  • Pumps filtered Air through to your Fish via a different diffuser
  • Foam Fractionated water filtration



Your fish are held in suspension by a fully oxygenated water column, reducing buffering and stress.
The water wastes removed and contained safely from your fish.

All salt and fresh water fin fish


  • Export of Commecial Live Fish
  • Export of Live Aquarium Fish
  • Transport of Live Research samples
  • Transport on Domestic Airlines
  • Temporary storage of Live Fish
  • Temporary display of Live Fish
  • Helecopter Transport of Live Fish
  • Temporary Quarantine Facilit

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