Special Projects

(1) Design and installation of a Water Chiller System and Filtration System in the
laboratory on the $28 million nNew Zealand MAF / NIWA research ship the 'Tangaroa'

(2) Research for transporting live crayfish in shipping containers for Mitsui OSK Japan.

(3) Installation of a Live Holding System and packout (export) facility on a 60ft fishing
boat for use in Papua New Guinea for holding of Tropical Lobster and Mudcrab.

(4) Development and supply of four special truck systems for transporting
Westralian Live Lobster for up to twelve hours in an outside air temperature of 40oC+.

(5) Developed commercially available Live Bacteria for Biofilters used in the live seafood industry.

(6) Developed a live transport system for Public Aquarium (Kelly Tarltons Underwater World) for the transport of live Barracuda fish.

(7) Developed and marketed New Zealands first acrylic tank Live Seafood display systems, sized from 10 kg to 100 kg for hotels, restaurants etc.

(8) Developed and marketed the worlds first commercial available fully Automatic and
Alarmed Heating and Chilling water heatpump unit for use in the live seafood industry.

(9) Developed a commercial water pump for continuous use in seawater applications for the live seafood industry.

(10) Design and build Aquaculture Research facility for the Cawthron Instute of Nelson, NZ.Installed a special Heatpump unit that Heats and Chills seawater at the same time
eg 16 kilowatt of energy out for 2.4 units of electricity in. Then water is filtered and sent into the laboratories under pressure where staff could mix the different water temperatures to achieve their desired temperature between 5 oc to 35 oc.

(11) Design and build special Water to Water Heatpump that Heats and Chills seawater with Heat recovery for the Aquaculture Industry.

(12) Design and build fully automatic chilled spray holding system for up to 10 tonne of
live lobster in Western Australia.

(13) Developed and manufacturing all plastic water flow switch/non return valve guaranteed for use in sea water switching water pumps, refrigeration and alarms.

(14) Developed and manufacturing commercial protein skimmer/foam fractionator for
use in sea water systems.

(15) Developed & distribute a special washable Dacron filter pad for prefiltration.

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