Dacron Filter Pad

These filter pads were developed in 1993 for the New Zealand Live Lobster industry. These were to replace the fibreglass Batt, which while it filters more finely, the fibreglass is a health hazard to staff handling them. The cost of replacing these Batts was also expensive. These Batts were also a danger to the lobster or live fish if the fibreglass fibers were to get into the actual water where the fish were as it would damaged their gills.

We tried a number of products, from other manufactures, their products were unsuitable due to their manufacturing methods, causing them to split or separate. We required a product that would not break down, even after water blasting every two days.

We finally found a company in Australia that uses the same products in the Meat processing industry, for scrubbing pads. This product still needed the extra treatment to give it the service life required. The Aquahort’s spec pad is totally soaked in acrylic to give a total bond to all the fibres, as apposed to spraying it on like other manufactures.

The size of the pad was increased to maxium dimensions giving a width of 1020mm long by 520mm wide by 20mm thick. When rolled up in a roll it will support a 20kg weight. Some of our clients still use the same pad after 2 years, although the thickness is down to 10mm.

The fibres used are a mixture of blended Nylon and Polyester in a medium - light Denier. The ratio of the two, is approximately 50%. The base binding agent is a Synthetic Acrylic resin. Following application the pads are cured at a temperature close to the melting point of the polyester and Nylon.

These pads have been used by the University of Tasmania Launceston since 1993, in their Aquaculture Centre as a filtration media, for mechanical filtration, as well as a biological filtration media. Auckland University’s Leigh research lab has been using the pads for filtration since 1996. Also using these pads are NIWA / MAF in their filtration system.

The following are some of the companies using this product:

Hong Kong:  
  • F&B Sales
Australia: New Zealand:
  • De Bretts Seafoods QLD
  • Kailis Bro’s WA
  • Ocean Pacific Seafoods QLD
  • R&O Seafoods WA
  • Satellite Seafoods OLD
  • WLF Ltd in WA
  • Bluff Fishermans’s Co-op
  • Cook Strait Seafoods
  • Deep Cove Fisheries
  • Fiordland Lobster
  • Moana Pacific Fisheries
  • Pacifica Seafoods
  • Sanfords Ltd
  • Southern Lobster
  • Southern Seafoods
  • Wellington Trawlin

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